Frequently Asked Questions

What is Currency Circulator?
Currency Circulator is an educational platform that assists entrepreneurs in building and funding their business. We all know how difficult it is to receive funding from a public banking institution. Currency Circulator was designed to assist you in funding your business while taking you through an eight step process for incorporation to becoming an investor. We provide a cornucopia of educational pdf and software that will assist you in reaching your goals.

What's our role, what do we do as Currency Circulator affiliates?
You are a business developer who aids and assists people on how to earn extra income online. You also help other entrepreneurs create instant cash flow and provide educational resources that will help further grow their primary business ventures and master selling on e-commerce platforms.

Why do we have to pay our referrer directly and not the company?
We do this to ensure each affiliate gets paid instantly instead of having to wait for us to process payments and cut checks. This also helps keep down company expenses so we can continue to pay out 100% commissions.

If I don't like the program, can I get a refund?

Since the company isn't collecting payments directly for our affiliate, as well as the fact that you have immediate access to all of our educational materials, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

How do I get paid? We are a member to member or peer to peer transaction company. As a Currency Circulator affiliate, you get resell rights to all our products and services. Therefore, you'll be responsible for collecting payments from your customers using one of the following payment processors. Our state of the art software rivals that of multimillion dollar MLM companies and will assist you in tracking your income as well as your affiliates.

You'll earn 50%-100% commissions and in most cases will be paid instantly!

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