November 2016

“Your business is either growing or dying”- Joseph Jones-CEO

Congratulations on joining Currency Circulator, LLC. Currency Circulator is a fast-growing information technology, personal development, and direct sales company! We are focused on providing products and services that serve as tools for providing future entrepreneurs a platform that will successfully launch their business ideas! Our products and services provide educational and personal development tools for entrepreneurs in all business types. The goal of Currency Circulator is to create business owners and entrepreneurs plain and simple. We afford opportunity seekers the ability to leverage the Internet by providing state-of-the-art technology designed to educate the Affiliate through a step-by-step process of starting a business.


Founded on the idea of “keeping it in the community,” Currency Circulator seeks to create entrepreneurs through a step-by-step system that teaches individuals how to build businesses and structure their private lives financially at the same time. Circulating Currency believes the ailments of the community stem from a lack of awareness of the principles of money and how to create a network of business structures that allow the currency to circulate and improve the economy. We provide an opportunity for our customers and Affiliates to learn step by step how to build a business from its inception while creating a substantial income at the same time.

Currency Circulator adheres to the Natural Law principle that money reacts like electricity. That wealth is a by-product of one’s state of mind: the predominate thoughts the individual carriers around with him on a daily basis. Freedom can never truly be achieved until one is liberated mentally.

Currency Circulator was created with two goals in mind:

1. To provide you with the potential to make more money by instructing you step by step how to form, operate, and market a business by giving you tools, educational products, coaching and systems that together help greatly improve your chances for success; and
2. To provide you with a way to earn leveraged income through our Affiliate Program, which provides marketing systems, tools, and products to help those in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and/or online marketing niche. To do this, we have a system that distributes earnings on a 60% commission basis on the total purchase price of the product sold.

Note: It is important to understand all commissions are based on the sale of our products and services and not on recruitment. To be clear, you do not earn commissions from recruiting other Affiliates into your business. However, you do earn commissions on their products sales. The more products you and members of your downline sell, the more you have the potential to earn. Of course, becoming an Affiliate is optional and not a requirement.

Key Point: Currency Circulator Affiliates are not required to purchase any of our products in order to become an Affiliate. Whether a customer or an Affiliate, you can choose to use our products to build traffic, leads and marketing campaigns for any business you choose.

Core Products

Currency Circulator’s core products truly offer revolutionary information, resources and education to provide customers and Affiliates with a better life. We provide marketing tools, systems, and ongoing educational services. For those who choose to become an Affiliate, we offer a generous commission structure that pays up to 80% commissions on qualifying product sales in a “Revolving Board Matrix Tier-Level” commission structure described below, on a per product basis.


This course is taught by a professional CPA that teaches you the differences in legal entities and the tax advantages and liabilities of doing business through each one. Structuring entities and creating “umbrella-like” organizations using pass-through entities, which will help mitigate your tax liability and in some cases eliminate them all together. Setting up your business up properly is vital to your long-term success as a business professional. Currency Circulator’s instructors will teach you the proper way to set up your business. Cost $25.00 USD


This online webinar series teaches you how to strategically obtain business credit for your business without personal guarantees (PG). The entire premise behind operating properly through legal entities is to “own nothing but control everything.” Ownership denotes liability as well as personally guaranteeing loans. You were warned in the Bible not to be a surety for a debt. (Proverbs 22:26 Do not be one who shakes hands in pledge or puts up security for debts;). The secret to honor this most sacred wisdom is operating through legal entities. Currency Circulator has online training courses designed to help the blossoming entrepreneur obtain business credit in the name of a legal entity without incurring liability. Cost: $50.00 USD


This program teaches individuals how to develop profitable E-commerce sites. Such sites can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well into five figures. With the changing technological landscape, website development no longer lays solely in the hands of the professional developer. Learning the fundamental principles of web development is vital to your success. Leaving your business in the hands of another can be a recipe for disaster. Learn the ends and outs of blogging, website development, and information every online entrepreneur should know. Cost: $100.00 USD


Now that you have the foundational elements in place, where do you get your goods and services? You may have a product you’ve created yourself. If not, you will need to know where to find products and wholesale prices you can mark up at a profit, while still giving value to your customer.

Currency Circulator guides the burgeoning business professional in where to look and how to deal. In today’s internet world, goods and services can be obtained globally with ease. Members are encouraged to expand the panorama of their focus to embrace offshore business endeavors. Cost: $200.00 USD


A “must-have” for online marketing education! These are live Webinars that are recorded to instruct Affiliates in the secrets of Social Media, SEO, and email marketing campaigns. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and Currency Circulator shows the newbie, as well as the seasoned veteran, tricks, and techniques for leveraging technology to increase traffic and conversion rates. Cost: $400.00


Course work involves learning how to trade in the markets and how to identify market trends. The end game is making the transition from making money to your having your money make money. Robert Kiyosaki outlined this perfectly in is famous book “The Cash Flow Quadrant” where he identified the progression from employee to investor. Currency Circulator’s sixth step in our eight-step program immerses the member in hands-on training for familiarization with investor terminology and techniques aimed at creating a sophisticated investor. Cost: $800.00

“The Problem is that you think you have time”- Buddha


As a Real Estate Investor, you should know a variety of ways to acquire property. As they say in the business, “If you can’t make money without money, you can’t make money with money.” This course introduces the new member to the exciting world of real estate investing. In order to be considered a true investor one must develop an understanding and skill of many different acquisition techniques. Creative Real Estate investing is a vast subject, and the member is introduced to certain principles that must be mastered before advancing in the course. Cost: $2,500.00


This is the flagship product and the “End Game,” if you will of Currency Circulator. It was designed by professional Estate Planners and is a learning system consisting of information not readily available to the general public. The purpose of this material is to teach the individual how to formulate entities that will allow for the aggregation of capital for investment purposes. This sophisticated tool is generally available to the wealthy.
Cost: $5,000.00

Core Products: The above eight (8) products are part of the Currency Circulator core product line. A core product is one that is a “stand alone” product in the Currency Circulator business.
Each product within the Core Products has its own Affiliate compensation plan, which is not tied to any of the other products. The compensation plan for each product is activated individually or through our bundle offers (see below).

The success of this Compensation Plan, the success of other Affiliates and our system does not guarantee you will earn any money. While some of our Affiliates earn a significant income, many earn nothing at all. By participating as an Affiliate, you acknowledge this and understand that your own success is based on your marketing skills, hard work, leadership ability, and other factors we may or may not present in this document.
For more information on the average earnings of a Currency Circulator or Affiliate compensation, please visit our Income Disclosure Statement.

Affiliate Program and Participation

“A Workman is worthy of his hire”

The Affiliate Program is optional and not a product, but rather part of the administrative process to induce sales. The Affiliate Program allows an individual who has chosen to participate to sell products and earn commissions on those product sales. Additionally, it gives the Affiliate access to tools, marketing data, etc. and supplies an in-house merchant account for commission payouts.

The monthly administrative fee is $30.00 and will be billed every 30-days until canceled by the Affiliate. The monthly fees are automatically withdrawn from your E-Wallet electronic tracking system in the back-office of the Affiliate and deducted from in balance in the account. Additionally, the monthly fee is non-refundable. Only the initial payment of $20.00 may be refunded within 14-days as established by the Refund Policy. All subsequent monthly payments are non-refundable. Currency Circulator reserves the right to change the membership fee at any time.

To become an Affiliate the following process must be followed:

1. You must be 18 years old;
2. Execute the Affiliate agreement on the join page from your referring Affiliate;
3. Generate the required product sales to activate the commission structure on EACH PRODUCT. This can be done by either:

a) Purchasing the product for your own personal use and maintaining a subscription to that product, if it has a monthly fee.
(If you have completed steps 1 and 2 to activate the commission structure, your Affiliate application will be activated to begin receiving commissions under the compensation plan for that product with your first sale.)
b) Generating two qualifying sales of that product. (Again, compensation for each product is activated separately.)

The compensation plan is initiated when a particular product is activated either through personal use or product sale; you receive no benefit for referring or recruiting Affiliates.

It should be noted that if the product in question is a monthly subscription, you have to maintain that subscription either through purchasing it for your own personal use or maintaining one active member subscription. You will then be activated to participate in the full commission structure with your next sale of that product, and receive commissions immediately.

Many Affiliates choose to purchase the product for their own personal use, to help them promote their own business outside of Currency Circulator and to aid them in understanding the value and sales message. However, purchasing a product is not required to activate a compensation plan on any Currency Circulator system or product.

4.) (IMPORTANT) Currency Circulator operates primarily through an electronic E-Wallet system. Payments and fees are deducted electronically and the Affiliate has immediate access to all account information. If the Affiliate does not possess the necessary funds from the electronic transfer, their account will be placed in an inactive status until the necessary funds have been placed in the account. Funds are either bank wired or transferred through PayPal or another merchant processor. Affiliates are advised to provide preferred payment method in the back office of their account.

5.) Please note: If any of the above requirements are not met, you will not qualify to receive commissions for that particular product/or any of them, depending on which step is missed, (Example: it is not possible to be paid without an activated payment method), you will not qualify under the commission plan for that product, and all commissions and powerline sales will pass over you to the next qualifying Affiliate. If you have purchased a product and fail to meet any of the criteria, you will be classified as a “customer only,” and all commissions and Affiliate power lines will be assigned to the next active referring Affiliate.

Revolving Matrix Toroidal System Compensation Structure

Currency Circulator has created a unique commission structure that ensures ALL Affiliates receive the same compensation. When an Affiliate purchases a product they can elect to be placed into the Revolving Matrix Toroidal System. As Currency Circulator’s primary business model is the sale of educational materials, the matrix board is a strictly voluntary participation created as an incentive and promotional tool to increase conversion of product sales.

What is a Torus?

A Torus is a perpetual energy model found throughout nature that feeds upon itself without exhausting its energy supply.

Figure 1
Currency Circulator has adopted this energy model and applied it to our compensation plan. Our custom-tailored software incorporates a re-entry feature that allows Affiliates to re-enter the compensation structure at the lower levels. This facilitates a “support” feature that allows older Affiliates to support new Affiliates, thus creating a system where there is no “Top” pyramidal system. This was done in response to many allegations by oversight committees that MLM’s are “pyramid schemes” that will eventual collapse upon itself, as there exists only a finite amount of people in the world who can be referred.

We devised a way for the system to perpetuate itself. In other words “circulate” within its own structure. Thus, Circulating Currency was born!

The Revolving Matrix Toroidal System model uses a stair-step approach which allows the Affiliate to use profits from referrals to purchase the next level of class material. This allows for everyone to use the Revolving Matrix Toroidal System to not only pay for the products but also make an exceptional income as well. Once the Affiliate has cycled through all 8 levels, he is allowed to repurchase products to recycle through the system again.

There are 8 ranks within Currency Circulator’s Affiliate Program. Your rank determines what % commissions and bonuses you receive within the compensation plan.

1. Neophyte
2. Apprentice
3. Trainer
4. Erudite
5. Leader
6. Guru
7. Adept
8. Grand Master

All levels of entry require the member to sell two (2) new commissionable subscription products to qualify for the following calendar month to qualify to receive commissions. Members must do one of three things:

a) sell two new commission-able subscription products within a calendar month, or;
b) have any of your subscribers personally enroll 2 members within a
calendar month or;
c) have at least two subscribers in your downline, 2 levels deeps, who have
sold at least 1 commission-able subscription within a calendar month.

Bonuses- All Affiliates receive a $10.00 Bonus per referral that stays an active member within the calendar month. This creates a residual income on top of the commission structure that Currency Circulator pays out.

As the Affiliates rank changes his commission payout doubles. This is because Currency Circulator pays back up to 85% percent commissions on purchased virtual educational products. Currency Circulator’s Mission is to empower its Affiliates and encourage them to start their own businesses. Our business model is not set up to gouge the Affiliate with large membership fees and services. It is to educate the Affiliate while obtaining a modest fee for our services that are generated through the monthly subscription.

Currency Circulators Revolving Matrix Toroidal System
The Benefits
· Earn up to 85% on Direct Sales
· Revolving Matrix Toroidal System Re-Entry feature
· Rank Advancement Bonuses
· Residual Income & High Ticket One Time Commissions
· Direct weekly payout
Currency Circulator shares the philosophy that the industrial paradigm of going to school to get a good job is an antiquated idea that lost its luster long ago. Many are waking up to the fact they’ve been indoctrinated into a world of lack and limitation, all of which are artificial constructs, as Nature favors abundance as evidenced by Her infinite and inexhaustible manifestations.

Currency Circulator knows abundance is your birthright and that you should be free to discover your purpose in life. By “free” we mean having time to do what you want when you want, how you want and with whom you want. Currency Circulator’s mission is to be the impetus for change and a herald of the new age of entrepreneurs, as the internet gets ready to go into its next phase of development.
Our Compensation Plan is designed to achieve a redistribution of wealth by circulating wealth within global communities. We understand freedom in today’s world is economics. That it is the commonsense principle that money must circulate in the community, in order for it to become prosperous. No one with common sense would deny that fact.

We also understand the need to operate within the system we find ourselves in, and to not only survive but thrive and prosper within that system. Additionally, we believe the production of abundance should be more of a mental exertion than a physical effort.

Our compensation plan aims to achieve this goal. We share an inordinate sum of the cost of our products to be redirected back to the Affiliate through steps aimed at creating a new archetype each Affiliate and subsequently communities worldwide. You can make great commissions on the things you sell in direct sales, but zero long-term residual income, thereby making you a slave to your business in order to keep your income up.

In network marketing, you earn lower commissions and rely on the growth and duplication of your team in order to accumulate a substantial residual income, which 95% of people rarely see because of the time required to achieve a significant livable income.

Our compensation plan pays up to 85% to our Affiliate network. This is a major improvement over more traditional plans, where smaller commissions are only paid through bonuses every month. At Currency Circulator, every subscription product purchased through your funnel, earns you an instant commission, no waiting until the end of the month to get paid.

The reason most companies pay low commission percentages is for their own benefit and enrichment. The Affiliate is secondary. Because all products at Currency Circulator are digital, our costs are substantially lower, resulting in higher commissions to the Affiliate.

A unique feature of our Compensation plan is that the Affiliate benefits from sales funnel of other members. Due to the nature of our Revolving Matrix Toroidal System, all members eventually reach the “top” and receive equal compensation.

Currency Circulator redefines how people get paid by giving you the opportunity to make commissions from EVERYONE in your organization, and we don’t just mean those who come through your funnel. We provide bonus incentives based on your rank, to earn on every single person in your genealogy. So, as you build your business with Currency Circulator and the people above and below you keep adding new members to your organization… sale-after-new-sale…all going under YOUR position and counting towards YOUR overall sales volume. It’s very simple system to understand.

We call this our Revolving Matrix Toroidal System, something which took over 10 years to develop from conception to implementation to getting it right.

How it Works

Inside Currency Circulator’s Revolving Matrix Toroidal System, we create a dual line of hierarchy for new members coming into your business. Depending on when you joined, members get immediately placed in your group. This type of “linear” placement feeds an unlimited amount of volume into your business. All you need do is move through the ranks in order to qualify for your higher commission levels. That’s it!

You can actually make money from the efforts of people that have been in the company 3 months, even 6 months before you. When they get new sales in their funnel, those members get pushed all the way down to your organization. You can also earn bonuses from specific members depending on your rank and product levels as well.

As you begin building your business, even before you make your first sale, you can see new members joining and adding to your overall sales volume each week, even daily. Again, it doesn’t matter if you joined a day or even a month after someone else, their efforts can produce a ripple effect in your business.

Note: It’s important to understand it’s possible for someone who comes into your funnel to move ahead of you and earn commissions on your sales.
On top of the great up-front commissions and nearly unlimited residual income you can earn here with our Revolving Matrix Toroidal System, we also have an extremely lucrative back-end compensation plan.

When any of your customers or the customers of others in your organization upgrade to any of our additional Club-Level packages, you can make up to an additional 50% on those sales as well, once again, depending on your rank in the company. This allows you to earn up to an additional $5,000 per sale at the highest levels. When a person upgrades their Membership Packages, you get paid. It’s that simple.

In summary:

· The Currency Circulator – compensation plan pays up to 85% to its Affiliates for making product sales. All you have to do direct people to your website or presentation and let the sales process begin from there.
· Part of that 85% comes in the form of direct sales commissions, as well as generational leadership bonuses, based on rank. This includes personal sales as well as others within your Revolving Matrix Toroidal System organization.
· You make fast, up-front commissions for all your new sales, as well as a growing residual income. As you move through the ranks in the company, your residual percentage grows as you grow, making you more and more money as time goes on. Before long, you can actually be in a position of overriding your entire organization and earning a percentage from everyone in your group, even those you didn’t personally bring into your business. That’s the power of the Revolving Matrix Toroidal System.
Note: Everyone in your upline team places all Leadership volume beneath you – straight down in a line.

It is important that a member continues paying their monthly membership fees. If your membership fee becomes delinquent, your account will be placed in “pending status” until the delinquency is cured.

The Qualification System

All rank qualifications for an Affiliate happen in one calendar month. You earn the associated bonuses as subscriptions payments are made through your team during the following month. It’s important to understand that these are monthly qualifications you need to maintain each month to keep receiving the bonuses.

It’s important to understand that clearly – If you qualify one month and don’t the next, you never lose your team or the ability to re-qualify for bonuses on any of your customers in the following months. Simply re-qualify and you’ll have the opportunity to earn leadership bonuses the following month! (Note: commissions lost during periods of delinquency or non-qualification cannot be restored.)

We built the compensation this way to encourage you to create a lasting, stable and profitable organization and a team that does the same. That’s one of the reasons it’s called the “Monthly Leadership Bonus.” We’ve developed a self-perpetuating system that pays leaders monthly that you help develop and spreads to create a society of entrepreneurs.

Rank qualifications happen from income creation from a variety of sources. We’re going to divide this into two sections:

Each product sold has the potential for 85% in commissions. Commissions are paid to active qualified Affiliates based on their Rank (see the eight Affiliate Ranks in the section above).

There are only two categories of commissions:
· Direct Sales Bonus – Paid to direct active sponsor – does not depend on rank.
· Producer Bonus – Paid to next qualified sponsor, as you progress through the eight courses your compensation doubles as you receive commissions from the sales of products on that level as well as residuals from subscribers in your downline genealogy tree.
Commissions we pay depend on the type of product:

• Subscription products (e.g., Business Credit, Web Development, Trust)
• One-time purchase products (all other products)

Commission Breakdown: Subscription Products (85% paid out)

Have you ever been asked the question:
What would you take if offered?
A. $10,000 a day or;
B. A penny that doubled every day for 30 days?
If you chose the latter you would be almost 5 million dollars richer!

Currency Circulator builds on this concept by allowing the commission payout to double in accordance with the rank of the Affiliate. We have also incorporated the concept of a toroidal energy model into our system that allows the Affiliate to re-enter the program at its starting point, thus creating a Torus like structure where older members support newer members. This allows the system to self-perpetuate with less dependency on newer recruiting and allows the business funnel to grow internally.

Nov 19th, 2016 update*: The direct-qualified sponsor will earn 85% commission on all initial payments for subscription products. All recurring payments on subscription products will generate commissions as follows:
· Affiliate Bonus of $10.00 per referral.
· 85% commission based on qualified sales
*Between Nov 1st and 19th, 2016 subscription products (related to the CC funnels) created 85% commissions paid directly to the qualified sponsor – however other subscriptions products/bundles paid out through the regular subscription pay plan.

Payment Schedule and Processing Fees

Commissions shall be paid based on the current information found in your Affiliate account. Tier Commissions are paid out weekly by request of the Affiliate in the back office, once the Affiliate makes a “Payout request.” A unique feature of Currency Circulator is that you can allow your commissions to accumulate in your account before requesting a Payout.

Payouts are made the week following the request.

“Pending” commissions are paid monthly on the first business day of the month. Our merchant processor holds 10% of each sale in reserve. This is the “Holdback” portion of your commissions. They are paid once our merchant processor releases the hold after 6-8 months.
Fees incurred are paid by Currency Circulator and not deducted from your commissions. These fees include:
· Processing fee of 6.35% of the sale price
· Per Transaction fee of 1.61 cents
However, any fees associated with refunds or chargebacks will be paid by the Affiliate receiving the commission on the product sale that is subject to a refund or chargeback.

To help you better understand the flow of the commissions and the fees: Suppose you earn a $1000 commission on a sale. The following fees are applied:
· $100 (10% Reserve) would be added to the “Holdback” and scheduled for release between 6-8 months later (dependent upon when they are released by the Merchant Processor),
· The remainder $900 (90%) would be added to “Pending” Commissions, scheduled to be paid weekly on the Friday two weeks after the sale.

Refunds and Chargebacks

Currency Circulator pays commissions on the sale of products and services. If a member requests a refund or charges back (i.e., notifies their credit card company that the charge was not authorized) any time after commissions have been paid, the company is put in a position of using sales it did not truly make for purposes of calculating commissions. When this occurs, Currency Circulator will claw back commissions from the Affiliate’s following month’s commission payment and apply any fees associated with the refund or chargeback.

We want you, your customers and prospects to feel comfortable about transacting business with Currency Circulator. Due to the nature of the Currency Circulator business and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there is a strict 14-day refund policy, which begins on the date of purchase. However, please be aware that credit card companies do permit customers to file chargebacks up to 4-6 months after purchase. Therefore, Currency Circulator does whatever’s necessary to avoid such situations.

Income Disclosure Statement

In order to remain transparent, it is important that all potential Affiliates understand everyone’s results will vary, as we are all unique and different. It takes hard work to make a substantial income in this business and some people will make no money at all. The earnings of a Currency Circulator Affiliate are 100% dependent upon their skills, work effort, commitment, leadership capability and market conditions. Common sense would suggest that in most opportunities, one would find exceptional individuals performing well above average, while others perform under the average and make no money at all. Currency Circulator guarantees no level of income or success. The average Affiliate makes at least $100 within a months’ time, even if little or no effort is put forth at all. To see our full income disclosure, please visit our website at http://www.currencycirculator.com/income-disclosure-statement/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]